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Self Care Kits

During lock down, I have been one of the lucky ones who's still been able to connect with my clients online. This has been an amazing blessing however, virtual sessions aren't an option for everyone and for some, starting therapy during lock down isn't affordable or practical. So I started to think about how else I could connect with my clients and also reach people who might not be looking for therapy, but still needing some kind of support during this hard and challenging time. That is when I dreamt up my beautiful self care kits which I have been putting together with love, for many people now. Not only have these kits been a joy to create for others, they have also given me a wonderful focus and been something gentle and soft for me put to my energy into, so I am so grateful for every single person who has decided to make an order. Please browse the pictures of my kits and information below  - Thank you x

Self Care Kits Available...

I currently have three types of self care kits available:

 The Lavender Box. This box is all about relaxation and managing your stress. My worksheets, exercises and reflective points are all designed to help you better understand and manage your stress, in a way that is preventative and healthy. As well as the usual goodies found in these kits, there is a hand made (by me!) lavender pouch containing organic dried lavender which can be placed under your pillow, added to your tea or sprinkled in your bath. There is also a hand blended (by me!) lavender essential oil roller to aid sleep and help with relaxation. 

The Be Well Box. This box is a general well-being box of wonders, focusing on promoting good self care. My exercises, reflection points and worksheets focus on building your self esteem and improving your relationship with yourself. This box encourages you to carve out some time for you and enjoy a gentle and immersive Mandala Meditation, with everything provided.

The Grounding Box.  This box is all about offering support for anxiety, and providing education on how grounding and working through and with anxiety can be extremely healing for our anxious mind. My exercises, reflection points and worksheets will gently guide you through working on your anxiety and the information on grounding will provide you with practical ways to support yourself. This box also includes a Himalayan Sea Salt pouch to be used with your bath, perfect for soothing and grounding. 

What Each Box Has In Common. Which ever box you are drawn to, you will find the following in each one for you to enjoy: 

  • Loose leaf tea sourced from a UK based organic and Eco-friendly tea company, carefully placed (by me!) into a fully biodegradable tea bag

  • Fairy lights to make your reflection space beautiful 

  • An empowering question card to help with your journaling  

  • A journal to use for your worksheets, exercises and reflective points

  • A recycled pen to use with your journal

  • A Neals Yard Organic Remedies sample

  • A pack of incense 

  • A voucher for therapy 

  • Mindful Colouring and pencils

  • My worksheets, exercises and reflective points - providing a little piece of therapy right to your door

Sending a little love...

Emily 3.jpg

Self Care Kits make the perfect gift for a loved one who you know needs a little pick me up or support. You can make it a surprise by providing me with your gift message that will be added to the box for when your loved one opens up their kit. 

Self Care Kits are also a wonderful way to say 'Thank you' 'Happy Birthday'

'Congratulations' or just 'I Love You.'

I will work with you to make sure your gift is perfect for your loved one with many personalisation options available.


Emily x 

Pre-order your Self Care Kit below...

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