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I sought Emily’s help with some craving and behavioural issues. I went in with an open mind and found her Hypnotherapy methods to be extremely helpful. I only required two sessions in total and since then I haven’t looked back - Male, 30's

A few years ago I was diagnosed with early stages of cervical cancer. I had an MRI scan and was overcome with claustrophobia, experiencing my first panic attack. When on a plane I suffered another serious panic attack. From that day my life was never the same and I began to experience panic attacks in daily situations. I had a friend who recommended Hypnotherapy. Emily made me feel totally at ease with her lovely kind friendly nature.I had 5 sessions in total and I was then due to take my daughter to Paris which I was extremely anxious about. The day arrived and although I was worried about the journey I just took a few deep breaths and all anxiety disappeared & I made the journey feeling completely relaxed. I cannot thank Emily enough I have finally got control of my life again , I would fully recommend hypnotherapy to everyone. Emily is amazing and my family and I will always be grateful for her help. - Female, 40's

It was with Emily's expertise, help and kindness she was able to help our adopted little boy. We had got to the end of our tether, after continuous sleepless nights and anger issues. Emily was able to offer massive support to our son with play therapy. He had not only had to deal with being fostered and adopted but also had to cope with the loss of a sibling. She showed him how to channel his anger/sadness into happy thoughts and it has worked. Whenever he gets angry or sad I refer back to Emily and ask him to remember the drawing and stickers with the happy thoughts. He has become a very calm child with a much better attitude to life, and two parents who now get a good nights sleep, Thank you Emily -

Male, 7

I recently met with Emily to have Hypnotherapy for Anxiety. Emily was very welcoming and the sessions were carried out in a relaxing environment. The sessions enabled me to feel that I could take back control of my life and helped me to listen to my inner voice which enabled me to make some subtle and positive changes to my life. - Female, 40's

I have been having hypnotherapy for about 5 weeks now because I don't enjoy public speaking at work. I used to feel sick before doing presentations, I couldn't sleep and used to really worry about it. I have done the usual training for this but it didn't really help. It's actually made a massive difference to me. Within 3 sessions I started to feel really different. In general I have more confidence and I don't have that feeling of dread and anxiety that I used to have before. I doubt I will ever really love it but at least now i know it's not the crippling experience it used to be! Emily is lovely, she's a great listener and very easy to talk to.I highly recommend it. - Female 40's

I contacted Emily as I have had specific Anxiety issues for many years. She gently assisted me in understanding these problems and the possible reasons behind them. In addition, Emily gradually introduced me to several strategies and lifestyle changes that have helped me to manage my issues more successful. Initially, I was uncertain how these could help me but with perseverance and Emily's encouragement, I have not only begun to re-build my confidence and self esteem but have started to enjoy life much more. Emily is at all times honest, caring and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. 

female 50's

Having suffered with anxiety and low self esteem for many years I realised that it wasn’t just me being affected but my family were being put under a lot of pressure too. I had just been existing and coping the best I could but not being the Mum, wife or friend that I really wanted to be. 


Emily was so kind, welcoming and reassuring. With her help and kindness through talking therapies and transformational techniques, I have been able to re-build my confidence and relationships. 

I thoroughly recommend Emily, she has turned my life around and I’m smiling again!!

Female 50's

I came to Emily because I was suffering with anxiety and depression as well as having what I now know to be a binge eating disorder. After my first session I floated home; it was the first break from anxiety I had had in years. Emily has really helped me work through my issues and now I feel in a much stronger place. I would highly recommend her, she is a fantastic counsellor. She is so kind, understanding and professional. As a result of our sessions I am now medication free which is a big achievement for me, I couldn't recommend her any more highly. - Female, 20's

I turned to Emily for help as I could not get past a difficult time in my relationship and after trying to get through the issues alone, I realised I needed help from somebody. I left my first session feeling excited to be able to feel like myself again and knowing it was OK to feel how I was. I suffered from anxiety which we also talked about. I saw Emily for just over a month and can say it's been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel more confident in myself and know how to manage my thoughts and confront them if I need to. My anxiety levels have also reduced significantly. I would recommend Emily if you have tried to get trough something difficult and need to be shown how to move forward. - Female, 20's

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