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Corporate Wellbeing Services

As well as one to one counselling sessions in my private practise, I also offer a number of Corporate services aiming to get to the core of each companies wellbeing and build a strong culture of mental health support company wide. I achieve this with preventative rather than reactive support, empowering and educating people to take care and maintain their own  health and wellbeing with early intervention approaches. Having a range of light touch services available to staff online means they are non-intrusive to the working day, easily accessible and cost effective. 

Corporate Counselling

If you are looking for counselling in the workplace, my online corporate service is available where I open my virtual clinic doors for 30 minute well-being sessions during your choice of working days. This gives staff access to the support they need to manage stress and anxiety in the workplace which will improve productivity, interpersonal relationships, increase resilience and reduce sickness. 

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Workplace Workshops

I offer a range of classes suitable for groups of employees centred around relaxation, breath work, mindfulness and education around mental health and wellbeing. These are held virtually so are suitable for any number of guests. 

Workplace Evaluation

Understanding the culture of your workplace and the needs of your staff is vital to know how to fully support them. This evaluation service works by spending time with your staff and gaining their opinions on things such as the current mental health support, the main challenges in the culture of the workplace and the biggest needs for their wellbeing. The results will be consolidated into a report and a series of solutions will be offered or recommended to you on the basis of this report. Things such as staff turnover, staff engagement, sick days and the overall wellbeing of staff will all be considered. 

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