Welcome To My Virtual Clinic

Virtual sessions are a perfect way to fit therapy in to your busy life from the comfort of your own home or office. So who can benefit from virtual therapy? Well the answer is anyone who wants to! But here are some people who may specifically find this style of therapy helpful. 

1. Teenagers

Teenagers are mostly very comfortable with screen time, but may not feel so comfortable in a counsellors office. It can definitely be daunting at first to know that at such a young age, you are in need of some help, so having sessions from a space where you feel calm and relaxed and you know your family are near by can remove a huge amount of anxiety. As a parent, you can continue with your day or evening uninterrupted doing whatever you need to be doing, knowing your teen is getting the help and support they need without any disruption to the family routine. Why not try my 6 week bespoke course focused on helping your anxious teen? 

2. Corporate Workers 

Having started my career in the financial sector and since then providing lots of corporate counselling in some of the biggest and busiest companies in our capital, I know how in need of support people in the corporate world are. I also know that often hectic schedules and long hours mean that driving out to see a therapist at the end of a long day just isn't always feasible. With virtual sessions, you can book out a meeting room and have your session in your lunch break or settle down at home with your laptop or phone knowing you haven't got to leave the house to see me, but that I can join you right where you are! Sessions can be 30 minutes long if you prefer, to really give you the extra level of flexibility. 

3, Mums! (and dads, too!)

Virtual sessions mean that you don't need to worry about childcare and that you can fit your counselling in around your kids busy schedules of clubs, play dates and general needs! As long as you have a reliable internet connection, these sessions can be scheduled in to suit you perfectly with no need to carve out travel time, worry about who is watching the kids or getting back in time for the school run. 

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