Talking Therapies 

During Talking Therapy sessions, I will use a variety of approaches including: Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Counselling and The Psycho dynamic Approach as well as The Gestalt approach, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness, Bereavement counselling and Relationship Counselling dependent on your needs.  Using this integrative approach means each session can be tailored to work perfectly for you. Talking Therapy is an effective form of therapy that can help you with what you need at the time, whether that involves working through and moving on from past trauma or learning helpful tools to manage any unwanted feelings or behaviours. All the techniques used in our sessions will help you to have the best possible relationship with yourself, your emotions, your thoughts and your behaviour. Each session has a relaxed informal feel where you can, in confidence, explore and discuss what you need to in order to help you reach your goals, manage your emotion, move on from a difficult time, grow in confidence or simply just be heard. 


Hypnotherapy is the use of gentle suggestions in a relaxed state that allows your subconscious mind to take on board new thoughts and beliefs. This enables you to change the way you react, the way you feel and can be very helpful for complaints such as: 

-  anxiety

- stress

- low self esteem

- unwanted behaviours.


During a Hypnotherapy session, you will enjoy a deep state of relaxation whilst feeling totally in control at all times. It is in this state of relaxation that powerful suggestions will be delivered to you in line with your goals for therapy. 

Transformational Breathing

Transformational breathing, aka Pranayama in yoga, is a specific style of breath work that physically alters the state of the body. Within our central Nervous System, we have two states we can be in; our Sympathetic state which is our Anxiety/Fight or Flight state, or the Parasympathetic state which is our Relaxation/Rest and Digest state. During TB, the techniques and rhythms of breathing you will learn, will allow your body to change from the Sympathetic state to the Parasympathetic, a change in the nervous system which you will be able to physically feel very quickly. Breathing this way will allow your happy hormones to be released, your muscles to release tension that occurs when anxious and stressed and your entire body to come to a more restful pace. Regular practise of these breathing techniques will dramatically improve anxiety and stress symptoms, sleep, digestive issues and your overall sense of well-being. TB can be taught as a 1:1 hour long private session, as part of your talking therapy session or within one of my classes. 

Neals Yard Remedies Consultancy

As a Neals Yard Remedies Consultant, I have expert knowledge of the natural and organic products available. This means I can best advise you on how to look after your outer self as well as in your inner self with a huge range of NYR products. It is not uncommon for problems that begin internally with our minds, to progress and become external problems with our bodies. For example prolonged periods of stress can lead to skin irritations or difficulty sleeping. These are the exact types of complaints that can be aided with the combination of natural and organic skin care, sleep remedies and essential oils all provided by myself through Neals Yard. This is an optional addition to your therapeutic experience and you can learn more here

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