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Weekly Angel Card - 29.05

Mary Magdalene - Teacher Awakens

Mary Magdalene speaks up for every woman who has been silenced. For every women who has been shut down. For every voice that has been too timid to be heard. That is me, that is you, that is your sister, your friend, your mother, your grandmother. So when this card appears the message is clear; Now is your time to step up and let your voice be heard. What is your truth? What messages are you carrying within you? You have learned many things on your journey and it's been difficult times that have taught you what you know to be true today. So why have you carried these messages around with you silently? That is the question to reflect on now. Mary Magdalene is a reminder that you are supported, your messages are needed and its' safer than ever now to speak your truth. So be brave, take a deep breath and be vulnerable with your messages, with your voice, with your lessons learned. They are healing for you and for others. Now is your time!

As I write this, a song from Rebecca Campbell's playlist on Spotify is playing and the lyric 'And I'll rise up' has jumped out at me as I intuitively write about this card - maybe that will mean something to you as you read this.

Affirmation: It is safe for me to speak to my truth and I choose to share what is in my heart with those who need to hear it.

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