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Soul Centered Therapy

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

So far in my experience of running my private practise I have observed that most issues clients present with can be supported by giving attention to the same four areas that I would like to share with you in this post.

1. Coming back to the self ( A journey of rediscovery and healing)

So often I can see that anxiety, struggles with self esteem, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected has so much to do with having lost a sense of self along the way. Things such as not knowing or meeting your own needs, not having a relationship with self care and holding pain and hurt all contribute to losing that sense of self and can cause a host of uncomfortable emotional experiences. Focusing your energy on healing and working on finding your voice, meeting your own needs, practising good self care, finding what lights you up and connecting with your inner child are all ways of coming back to yourself and finding that sense of peace and calm within.

2. Finding the gentle voice within

Generally speaking we are very aware of the negative voices and inner chatter we hear in our mind; the catastrophic thoughts, the inner critic the stories we play out. But listening to the gentle voice means finding the kindness, the compassion, the patient voice that encourages and nurtures us. It means just being still and quiet and seeing what rises up when the noise and the busyness settles. The gentle voice can also be your inner guidance, your intuition or hearing your deepest needs. Anything that grounds you and keeps you still and present can help with this. Keeping a journal, Meditating, Yoga, being in nature and using oracle cards are all great tools for finding the gentle voice within.

3. Self Soothing ( Using the breath as medicine)

Knowing how to soothe your own emotional experience is a fundamental part of being able to support yourself through any of life's challenges. In therapy this means teaching essential breathing and relaxation techniques that enable you to relax your autonomic nervous system. When the autonomic nervous system is relaxed (placed into its parasympathetic state) many physical things will happen, including the heart calming, the muscles relaxing and calming and happy hormones being released (serotonin, Dopamine, Oxycontin).

4. Reworking your lifestyle (Finding your natural rhythm)

The way we live our life is everything! Our outer and inner environment are of course inextricably intertwined, so to deeply support ourselves through life, our outer environment must compliment who we naturally are as much as possible. In terms of soul centered therapy, this is all about building a lifestyle that enhances and nurtures your sensitivities and your deepest needs. When things are hard and challenging and our journey is feeling difficult, reworking your lifestyle looks like inviting the gentle, the soft and the calm into your life. Find out what your most comfortable and natural rhythm is and work around those needs. Allowing yourself to have strong boundaries, to slow down and live mindfully.

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