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Sensitivity and Triggers

How much time do we spend trying to avoid the things that trigger us?! Usually, a lot. We come up with some pretty complicated strategies for avoiding the things that trigger us too. And if you're a sensitive soul, the likely hood is you will feel triggered more easily because, as we know, the more sensitive you are, the more you feel everything! So, like anything...although it's our instinct to run away from discomfort, it's always better when we lean in to it, and that includes triggers. Here are three things you can ask yourself about the next time you feel triggered, and see what you are able to learn:

  • what is this trying to tell me about myself

  • what is this trigger telling me I need to work on

  • what lessons can I learn from being triggered this way

When we work with our triggers this way by leaning into them and learning from them, they become very helpful moments. You can begin to see you triggers as an opportunity to grow each time. For example, I am often triggered when a very confident person is around me. So my answers to the trigger questions would be as follows:

  • I am insecure about my lack of confidence in certain situations

  • I need to work on accepting I am not the most confident, nurturing my quieter side rather than shaming it, as I gradually focus on building my confidence in my own way and time

  • I still have work to do on accepting myself just the way I am

That process is much more helpful than being bitter, resentful, jealous or angry towards the super confident person, who is lets face it, doing nothing wrong! In fact, there is a lot to learn from that person about being comfortable in your own skin and with having your voice heard for example.

Affirmation: I will reflect on what this uncomfortable moment is teaching me, and I choose to lean in to that lesson fully.

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