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Sensitivity and Strength

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

So often, sensitive people are told they are wrong. It's wrong to have your feelings hurt, it's wrong to be quiet and introverted, it's wrong to not want to socialise, it's wrong to think you can pick up on others feelings, it's wrong to find busy and loud situations overwhelming and it's wrong to be particular about what you put in and on your body, inconvenient even. Men and women both get a hard time for being sensitive and it can be exhausting.

Whilst I have come to know and believe from my heart that there is nothing wrong with sensitivity from either end of the sliding scale, some days it can feel like you're taking a battering, or like you're just not good enough and never will be because of your sensitives. And in it's those moments that nature reminds me of the true essence of what it means to be a sensitive soul.

So for a moment, just close the eyes and think of a budding flower. A flower is so delicate and sensitive to its environment, just like we can be. But despite this, the flower knows exactly how to unfold, one little petal at a time. It doesn't have to be the fastest blooming flower, the biggest, the brightest or the best, it's just peacefully sure of itself and its ability. In fact, it's because the flower is so sensitive to its environment and surroundings, knowing exactly what it needs to reach its full potential, that it becomes so beautiful - it places itself right where it needs to be to thrive. The flower never rushes or tries to be anything other than what it's destined to be. In the blooming flower, we can see such strength from something so delicate and this is a powerful thing to remember. However sensitive and delicate you may feel, it's the ability to reach those deep levels of feeling from within your sensitive soul, that make you strong at the same time. Strength doesn't need to be big and obvious, the loudest voice in the room or the most overbearing presence, strength can be calm, quiet, gentle and of course sensitive. So, honour and protect your sensitivity and remember you can be strong and sensitive at the same time, just like the budding flower. It doesn't have to be one or the other, no matter what society says.


My sensitivity is my magic, my superpower, my gift and my strength. With my sensitivity, I am empowered.

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