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Sensitivity and Healing

Updated: May 28, 2020

If you resonate with being a 'Sensitive Soul' then it is very likely that you have some healing abilities within you. This can be in a super spiritual sense if that is something you connect with, or in an every day sense, which ever feels right for you. Healing in this sense just simply means, bringing something to someone else, that soothes something within them. Usually, sensitive souls are very in-tune with the gentle, soft, beautiful parts of life and if that's you, there is some unique way within you that you can offer healing. Here are some examples that you may be able to see within yourself and connect with.


Whether you feel that you're closer to the hurting end of the sliding scale than the healing end, empathy is something most sensitive souls are very familiar with. Empathy often transcends the painful parts of being sensitive, and seems to just be there most of the time, often very deeply. Whilst it can feel so overwhelming at times, especially if you're sensitivity also shows up as anxiety, it's an amazing way to offer healing. When you show somebody empathy; you can actually see them soften. In a harsh world where most people are not used to kindness and compassion as a given, to receive empathy can be like a much needed tonic.

Holding Space:

Many sensitive souls will resonate with being much more on the soft and gentle side. By this I mean not the loudest person in the room, not the biggest personality, not the most assertive or forthright, but instead the quiet observer or the wonderful listener, maybe the soft speaker. People need this approach often much more than they may realise and it's this approach that allows you to really hold space for someone which is so healing. Holding space means really being present with someone in a gentle yet supportive way, so that they feel safe to share and express what they are going through; allowing them to be heard, seen and held. We rarely get this in normal circumstances, so to be able to offer this to someone is wonderful and not something everyone can do - nobody can do it the way you do - that's unique to you.

Being In-Tune:

This is intense for many sensitive souls but also can be such a gift. This is your intuition , your inner knowing, your guidance. Being in-tune with our intuition is not only the absolute best thing for us personally, but it can be a real gift to share with others too. Often, sensitive souls will intuitively know what somebody needs, for example what they need to hear, what is bothering them, what will help them. If you learn to trust your intuition you will begin to say and do things that just feel right and end up being what that person needs the most.

So this gives you an idea of how our sensitivities can be healing. It is important however as sensitive souls to always first and foremost protect yourself and your energy, as if we are always giving out, we will become drained and unwell. There will always be people around you who want your gifts and healing, so set boundaries and only give when you are full up yourself.

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