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Sensitive Soul Space - Welcome!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Thank you for visiting Sensitive Soul Space, and welcome! This is a safe space where I hope to support, nurture and lift up those of you who feel that you sit on the more sensitive side of life. Being a sensitive soul has many connotations, but one thing that remains a common thread when it comes to sensitivity, is that the world we live in today does not support the sensitive soul. The world we live in today is set up for over stimulation, competitiveness, constant connectivity, power, confidence, loudness, success, money, masculinity, achievement over experience, instant gratification, division and more more more. When you are sensitive in any way shape or form that sensitivity shows up, this all feels very harsh. It can cause us to retreat within ourselves and hide in the depths of our sensitivity, or to feel shame, attempting to mask it with false confidence or in-authenticity. This space is here to remind us all that whatever makes us sensitive souls, can become our most precious gift and that we must nurture and attend to these sensitivities within us, seeing them for how amazing they truly are.

I think of sensitivity as a sliding scale. At one end of the scale you have 'hurting' sensitivities; those that come from a place of pain or hurt, such as anxiety, deep insecurities, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, being disconnected from or unhealthily connected to your emotions, carrying trauma. At the other end of the scale you have your 'healing' sensitives, like your intuition, your deep connection with your body, your empathy and your sense of belonging in the introvert space. Somewhere in the middle of these two ends is where are slowly growing and learning to embrace them until we realise how healing for us and others they are.

My hope is that 'Sensitive Soul Space' can become a part of your journey and somewhere your sensitive soul can breathe and grow.

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