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Being Aligned

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Something I have learned recently (mainly due to lock-down) is that when your life isn't in alignment with your sensitivities, there can be really big repercussions. What I mean by this, is that if you are living a life that does not respect, protect, value and nurture your sensitivities in whichever way they show up, your emotional, physical and mental well-being will be suffering.

It wasn't until lock down that I realised how close to burn out I was and I now realise thanks to the beautiful gift of time that lock-down has provided, that pretty much every thing in my life was out of alignment with my sensitivities. I was not living in a way that respected, protected, valued or nurtured any of my sensitivities. Instead, I was working long late hours, taking on waaaay too many projects at once, neglecting my need of proper work life balance and therefore neglecting my relationship and my home. My routine wasn't working for me which meant I was getting no time to replenish and take good care of myself and I was beating to other peoples drums, making my time work for theirs. When I realised this, it was evident that all of that was completely within my control. It was nobody else's fault and there was nobody else I could blame, it was a series of small, unknowing, conditioned choices I had made over the last 4 - 5 years.

The conditioning that contributed to those choices were mainly along the lines of my work ethic and what I thought I SHOULD and SHOULDN'T be doing. These are old inherited beliefs that until now, I had never really looked at but in doing so, it was clear I had a real issue with feeling like I needed to be working myself to my fullest capacity 100% of the time, and if I wasn't completely drained and depleted by the end of the day I hadn't worked hard enough. Whilst this approach works for many, it definitely isn't inline with me and actually ended up becoming very unhealthy.

So the lesson here is to ask yourself regularly, 'what beliefs, choices and behaviours are no longer feeling like they support my sensitivities?' If being busy 24/7, not having any alone time, not make time for things that feed your soul, not being around the right kind of people, not having enough time for spiritual practises and good self care doesn't work for you then it's time to make some changes. You are allowed to live a life that is in alignment with your sensitive soul and its needs! That means respecting, protecting, valuing and nurturing all of your sensitivities in which ever way feels right for you, and making that your priority. Even thought the world isn't set up for sensitive souls, your world can be :)

Here are some simple ideas:

  • Address beliefs or conditioned behaviours that no longer serve you

  • Identify what way of living feels good for your soul

  • Set strong boundaries

  • Create a good self care routine

  • Create pockets of softness during your day

  • Work on being comfortable with your sensitivities and accepting them

  • Practise saying No

  • Treat your body and your emotions intuitively each day ie what do I need to be doing physically today and what do I need to do to take care of my emotions today

Affirmation: I choose to live this day respecting, protecting, valuing and nurturing all of my sensitivities and prioritising my needs.

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