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Finding The Softness Every Day

Not every day can be perfectly set up for the sensitive soul from sun rise to sun set. There will be periods of your day, your life even, that feel like the absolute opposite of what your sensitive soul is in need of. So in order to make our way through each day with our sensitivities in tact, we must learn to look for or even better, create, small pockets of softness where we can.

Creating those moments can be so subtle:

  • a gentle shift in mindset

  • a soft releasing of expectations rather than tight clinging

  • a mindful pace rather than a rush

  • patience

  • a hydrating drink rather than a coffee

  • a promise not to compare yourself to anyone today

  • respecting your need for space

  • making time for a meaningful connection

  • un-plugging at the end of your day

These are subtle yet extremely powerful examples of how you can create that softness, even on the harshest or toughest of days. They take little or no time, they are mainly coming from within and they are completely in alignment with what makes our sensitive souls feel nourished and nurtured.

There are also things; such as objects, sounds, smells and colours that can immediately soften a harsh time and bring us back into alignment. What are these things for you? The things that immediately speak to your sensitive soul and give you that feel good feeling? Here are a handful mine:

  • Incense

  • Candles

  • Wild Flowers

  • Soft Pinks & Greens

  • Gentle Music

  • A Clear Space

  • Dream Catchers

These items really speak to me, they instantly make me feel good for no other reason than they please my soul. Something in me just feels at peace whenever I am around these items, so I try to make sure that I am around at least one of these things every day. There's many more, my list is actually quite long! But each day only needs one or two items for you to start to feel more connected. What would your list look like?

Affirmation: I commit to carving out some gentle moments for myself today and realigning with my sensitive soul. Even if my day takes me away from this, I peacefully bring myself back.

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