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Mantras for Manic Moments.

Updated: 2 days ago

What are Mantras?

The word 'Mantra' comes from a Sanskrit word meaning a sacred message and is used in many ancient traditions to aid meditation, focus and healing. In a more modern sense, mantras are used to promote positive psychological changes in mindset and are a very popular way to bring about calm and peace.

Having some simple mantras in mind can be very useful for times of stress, anxiety, fear or panic. Here are my favourite Mantras for manic moments. Breathe them in with long slow breaths and feel yourself relax!

1. I am calm and in control

2. I breathe in peace, I breathe out fear

3. Let it be

4. I invite calm into my life today

5. Be here now

6. I am safe and protected

7. All is well in my world

8. I know and believe in my inner strength

9. I release all expectations that lead me to stress

10. Breathe in and breathe out

11. I invite positivity in to my day

12. I breathe out negative thoughts and feelings

13. I am grounded, centred and connected

14. I choose peace before stress

15. I know I can relax as I breathe

Choose your favourite combination and add them to your list of ways to look after yourself and remain calm! Remember the more you practise your mantras, the more effective they become, enjoy x


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