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13 ways to relax naturally!

Updated: 2 days ago

It's not new information that relaxation is the best anxiety antidote yet so many of us rarely invite any form of relaxation in to our day. Often this is because we are unsure how. Read on for 13 simple ways that you can relax in less than 5 minutes naturally!

1. Chocolate

Yes - Chocolate! Eating a few small squares of Dark chocolate (maybe 70% cocoa or more) can help regulate your stress hormones AND improve metabolism!

2. Tea

Fruit teas are a perfect natural way to calm your nerves and give yourself a break. Try a green or camamile tea to promote relaxation and calm.

3. Breathe

Focusing on your breath for just 5 minutes a day has been proven to promote an overall sense of calm. Try counting to 4 each time you breathe in and again each time you breathe out for 10 rounds of breath.

4. Get Creative

Any acitivty that keeps you in the moment is perfect for relaxation and a great distraction from Anxiety. Try a mindful colouring book for adults and choose a Mandala that suits you!

5. Find a view

If you don't have a great view you can admire for a moment of peace, make one up in your mind and visit in your minds eye. This can be just as calming as a real view.

6. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most relaxing natural scents and luckily for us comes in many forms. Lavender oils, remedy rolls, candles and sprays are a great ways to bring some lavender into your life!

7. Stretch

So much of the tension we feel when stressed or anxious ends up being stored in our bodies without anyway of being released. Stretching and opening up the body is therefore very important and effective when it comes to relaxation. A simple yoga child's pose or hip stretch is perfect for letting go of long standing tension.

8. Music

Some say music is the sound of the soul! Whether or not you agree, the right sound can bring a deep sense of relaxation to your body and mind. Experiment until you find the perfect sound for you.

9. Change

Sometimes simply removing yourself from the current environment is enough to reduce stress and anxiety. If you can leave the room or place and revisit after a few moments, do so.

10. Nurture

When you feel stress or anxiety levels beginning to creep up, that's the perfect time to step away and do something for yourself. Take a break and do what you can in the situation for you.

11. Move

If you can, get outside and move around. Even a five minute walk noticing your surroundings will dramatically reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

12. Meditate

Guided meditations help to calm nerves and uncover a sense of inner peace and are quickly becoming one of the most popular natural way of managing stress and anxiety.

13. Talk

Talking is an effective way of feeling supported and can be helpful when trying to manage any form of overwhelming emotion. Having a good support network is important in feeling your best!

So see which natural ways of relaxation you can choose today! Remember to click here for more help on managing stress and anxiety naturally!


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