Therapy Bundles

With the typical client being in therapy for a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks, it can quickly become an expensive necessity. So why not consider one of my therapy bundles to make sure you are getting the most for your money and the most out of your therapeutic experience. 

Therapy bundles are a great way to get the maximum benefit from your therapy, making sure it works for you. There is a certain level of flexibility that comes with your bundle and extra perks you wouldn't necessarily have access to ordinarily. So if you are looking to make your therapy most affordable, whilst having access to extra benefits, then my bundles are perfect for you!

Block Booking

To help make therapy more affordable, I offer a discount when sessions are block booked, meaning paid for upfront and then booked in all at once. This means you save a significant amount and you know exactly where you are at with your sessions for the next 6 or 10 weeks. See below for prices. 

  • 6 sessions: £240 (saving £60)

  • 10 sessions: £420 (saving £80)

These sessions can include any of the available services and run as normal pay as you go sessions, with the bonus of being discounted and pre-organised! 

Relaxation Bundle

This relaxation bundle allows your to ensure you have regular slots of you time in your diary! perfect for working on self esteem, improving sleep, digestive issues, stress and anxiety, these private 30 minute classes suited around you are just what is needed. 

  • Three 30 minute relaxation session: £80 (saving £10)

  • Five 30 minute relaxation sessions:  £120 (saving £30)

  • Ten 30 minute relaxation sessions:   £240 (saving £60)

6 Week Holistic Bundle

This bundle is perfect if you are looking to add some holistic care into your therapeutic experience. As well as your standard hourly or 30 minute counselling sessions, you will have access to relaxation sessions, extra contact with me and discounts to classes, workshops and retreats that may be relevent for you and your therapeutic goals. 

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • One hour long counselling sessions per week OR 2 30 minute sessions per week

  • Three 30 minute relaxation sessions at any point during your 6 weeks

  • 2 remote sessions, perfect for checking in as part of after care

  • 10% off any holistic treatments from our treatment suite

  • Discounted Private Yoga Classes

    Total Cost = £375 (saving over £100)

***Please note that there is no expiry date once a bundle is purchased and you are not obliged to use the number of sessions purchased in any particular way, however I can not offer a refund one the purchase has been made and the first session attended, so please carefully consider your options and ask as many questions as you need to before committing to your bundle.***

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