Do's and Don'ts with negative thoughts, according to science.

It’s a studied, proven and known concept that trying to avoid negative thoughts or suppress them doesn’t actually work. When we have a negative thought perhaps about something we did wrong at work or a social slip up earlier in the week and we try to ignore it or forget it, it tends to actually come back stronger. There are many effective methods for dealing with negative thoughts which can be taught to you in a therapeutic setting with a trained counselor, usually via Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). However there are also things you can do and not do outside of therapy, presented by well known psychologists such as Daniel Wegner, that can be very effective in dealing with negative thoug

Your Lifestyle: What you can change to reduce anxiety

What does your lifestyle look like? What comes to mind when you ask yourself that question? Typically, we will think of things like diet, exercise, work life balance and maybe sleep patterns, but there is much more. Take for instance your thoughts patterns. Your attitude towards life. Your personal relationships. The way you respond to challenges. Your habits. These are elements that are all part of your lifestyle too and can be addressed to help you reduce the amount of anxiety you experience in any given situation. Below are some simple things you can consider that you may not have thought of before. Self-talk How you talk to yourself is your inner dialog. It’s constantly running and often

7 things you should know about anxiety.

1. Two out of three people don't seek help for their anxiety despite it being very manageable through therapy and lifestyle changes. Many people believe their symptoms or experience of anxiety are not important enough to ask for help with and this stops them coming forward. Plenty of people also believe that nothing can be done, that thoughts they have which make them anxious are something they just have to live with. This is a common misconception and when taught techniques correctly, you can learn to take much more control. 2. Medicine isn't the only solution. In fact, many medicines prescribed for Anxiety come with some undesirable side effects and do nothing to help you understand the r

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