Are you feeding your anxiety?

Have you ever heard of the saying you are what you eat? It’s a concept that is thankfully beginning to have much more of an impact as focus on holistic health rises. Studies are beginning to highlight the connection between certain foods and our mental health including, of course, anxiety. There are foods out there that actually act as stimulants, encouraging the release of certain hormones which contribute to your heightened state of awareness i.e. your anxiety symptoms. Avoiding these foods can have a dramatic impact on not only your anxiety levels but on your stress levels and your mood. Here are four foods and drinks that could be feeding your anxiety and making it worse. 1. Coffee Coffe

The Power Of Daily Gratitude

If I had to choose one simple habit to share with you that can really change your life, well I can’t! There are too many habits that have amazing benefits to offer, but I can choose one which is definitely up there and that is showing gratitude. Showing gratitude to yourself, to others and for everything you have in your life can completely change your attitude and outlook and, when mastered, can be life changing. So how can you do it? Here are three simple ways - enjoy! 1. Five-minute journal When we flop down in front of the TV or in bed and re-cap on our day, how often do we focus on the bad things that have happened? That thing our boss said that really annoyed us, that traffic we had to

3 ways to improve Self-esteem and let go of anxiety.

When we grow with damaging beliefs we evolve with a low or hurt self-esteem. These beliefs may be things such as 'I am not good enough,' 'I'm worthless, stupid, ugly' or even 'I am unlovable.' Having these damaging beliefs will cause you to be unsure of your sense of self, sense of security and your sense of belonging. Being unsure of all of this is likely to mean you are living a life filled with worries, concerns, fears, in other words; anxiety. So when we work to improve our self-esteem and those damaging beliefs, our sense of belonging, self and security will grow reducing the amount of fear or concern, anxiety, we live with. Here are three ways you can boost yourself esteem and watch

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